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This site is not a coop, you will not earn credits by sending traffic to the rotator. The rotator is private and for me to funnel my own visitors into my rotator.

This site is not a PTP, you will not earn money sending traffic to the rotator.

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This site does not pay commissions, if you choose to promote this site, you will be given 100% piggy bank cash to buy more visitors for you to use in the rotator. So, for example, if you refer Fred to this site using your referral link, and Fred buys $10 worth of visitors, you will be given $10 piggy bank cash that can be used to buy $10 worth of visitors.

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Random Testimonial
THIS was missing - NOW it's a MUST!!

I check the traffic sources for the sites I am promoting and one day in January I saw I had received ONE hit from MyHits2U. Curious, as I had never heard of it, I investigated and found it was going to be a MEGA Rotator. I liked the idea and joined only to discover that it had not yet launched! My 6th sense proved right again though... I read what it was all about and decided to upgrade - but where? I contacted support and Neil, the admin, explained that he was building and testing it and asked if I wanted to help. Of course I did as I was sure I had found a winner!

Over the following weeks I saw it all fall into place like a puzzle, then launch and even more things were added. Now, just over a month later it's exciting to read mails every morning: new sign-ups here AND on the sites that I promote here! It's fun to see the promotions added by the new members - and the games added by Neil! So much fun that I keep it open all the time that I'm online, surfing and adding new promotions - and collecting the Raffle tickets!!

Where it will go is beyond the imagination as I see it everywhere when surfing on other exchanges, using mailers and reading ads! It really is MEGA and once you add your promotions it all takes off - set & forget at its best!

One of my highly recommended sites